Stirrup Bending Machine

Stirrup Bender Machine

Automatic Stirrup Bender Machine works wonderfully well with the single and double stand and its buffer unit helps to condense the volatility and confrontation throughout the process rebar.

How about the straightening system?
The stirrup Bender Machine combines the vertical straightening unit and horizontal straightening unit, one for each including the 4 traction rollers drove by the servo motor to ensure that the wires reach the exact straightening affect easily.

Bending and cutting process:
Stirrup making machine or Rebar Bending arm steered by servo motor, while bending the different angles, can protrude or draw back and receives the signal when cutting the system. It helps to complete the processing work synchronously.

How does controlling system work?
The electric components and PLC servo motor both use the Germany and Japan Brand. With maximum 100 angles, this system can easily make 2d shapes where its data base can easily store more than 60 shapes. Without any impediment, different shapes could easily be process continuously. Stirrup Bender is one of the leading suppliers of stirrup making machines.
The Sona product range comprises of Bending and rebar shearing machine, automatic stirrup making machine, rebar decoiler machine, thread rolling machine.

Automatic Stirrup Bender D2N

Bending Capacity Single Line   (ub≤450MPa)4 – 10 mm
Single Side Bending
Bending Capacity Double Line   (ub≤450MPa)4 – 8 mm
Single Side Bending
Input Voltage 380V/415V
Max. Feeding Speed 70m/min
Bending Speed 1000˚/sec
Feeding Motor 9.5kw
Bending Motor 3.7Kw
Average /Total Power 4Kw/h
Overall Dimension(mm) 3650×1100×1900
Net Weight 1900Kgs

Automatic Stirrup Bender D4

Model D4
Single wire bending 5-13mm
Double wire bending 5-10 mm
Production Capacity Per Month 200-250Tons with 10 Hours x 2
shifts/Day and 26 Days/month
Max. Bending Angle ±180°
Max. Lenght of Stirrup Side 1000 mm
Min. Lenght of  Stirrup Side 50 mm
Max. Straightening  Lenght 9m(or customized)
Max. Bending Speed 1100°/sec
Max. Traction Speed 75-100 m/min
Bending Direction Bi-direction
Labeled Electric Power Traction Motor-22 kw
 38.75 kw Bending Motor-7.5 kw
Cutting Motor-4 kw
Feeding Motor-1.5kw
Air Compressor-4 kw
Lenght Tolerance ±1 mm
Bending Tolerance ±1°
Average Electric Power Consumption 5 -7kw/h
Voltage 380V-50Hz-3P
Machine Net Weight 2300Kg
Overall Machine Weight 3100Kg
Working Environmental Temperature  -5℃-40℃
L×W×H 4800*1400*2200mm

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