Bar Threading Machine

Rebar Threading Machine

We have the range of fully automatic threading machine which is used for the construction projects. It is a key equipment to the thread. And to gain the length, join the rebar.This machine is also known as Rebar Thread Rolling machine or Rebar Thread Cutting Machine.

Made from high density alloys that are designed for intricate incision, this rebar machine displays unique properties of strength and speed..

Technical Specification: Rebar Threading Machine

Key Features:

  1. Rebar thread rolling machine have numbers of amazing characteristics that make it better than other available machines.
  2. It helps to improve the production rate, saves the valuable time and takes only 5 minutes in replacing the blades.
  3. Reliable and cost effective.
  4. There is an automatic opening and closing structure and its one time calibre rebar finishes the work in just 30 seconds.

Rebar Threading Machine ADS-40

Bar Thearding Machine HGS40
Model ADS-40
Threading Diameter 16 – 40 mm
1 roller set is 16-22 mm
2 roller set is 25-32mm
Threading Length 80mm max
Thread Pitch 2-3mm
Speed 40-62 r/min
Motor Power 4 KW (5HP)
Voltage 415 V(3 Phase)
Weight 430kG

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