About Us

At Sona Construction Technologies Pvt Ltd, we have come up as emerging players in the construction machinery industry. Since each of our construction machines delivers excellent work performance, we are highly valued by our nationwide clients. Apart from that, we are also listed up on Indiamart where customers can find our widest range of products. We are into different types of manufacturing such as- general machine shop, assembly shop, fabrication shop, and more. Our unit is well-resourced with the requisite equipment which includes- Drilling, Cutting, Welding, Lathe & special purpose machines which are in substantiation to the international paradigm. Our machinery solutions are all based on improving and abridge your operations.

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Our Story.

Internet technology such as online retailers and social media platforms have given way for trends to be identified, marketed and sold immediately. Styles and trends are easily conveyed online to attract the trendsetters. Posts on Instagram or Facebook can easily increase awareness.

Our Vision.

Machine vision technology has been developed to track how fashions spread through society. The industry can now see the direct correlation on how fashion shows influence street-chic outfits. The effects can now be quantified and provide valuable feedback to fashion houses and designers.

Our Mission.

Consumption as a share of gross domestic product in China has fallen for six decades, from 76 percent in 1952 to 28 percent in 2011. China plans to reduce tariffs on a number of consumer goods and expand its 72-hour transit visa plan to more cities in an effort to stimulate consumption.

  • Rebar Shear Line (GJW0816 and XQ-120)
  • Automatic Stirrup Bender Machine(Prime 12-D5 and WG-12E-1)
  • Rebar Decoiling Machine
  • Suspended Platform
  • Rebar Straightening Machine
  • Walk Behind Vibratory Rollers(single & double Drum)
  • Bar Bending and Cutting Machine
  • Concrete Cutter
  • Power Trowels, Tamping Rammer, Mini Mixer etc