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Wire Mesh Welding Machine

Sona construction Technologies Pvt Ltd is introducing latest technology wire mesh welding machine with smaller wire gauges using pneumatic welding mechanism. The line wires will be fed into the welding main machine from coils and they will be stored in the line wire accumulator to reduce the resistance for the servo motor when generating the desired cross wire pitch size.

Our steel wire mesh welding machine is high technology to produce welded mesh for constructional purpose as with reinforcement concrete.

The machine can be tailor-made according to customer's inquiry, but within the scope of our design for better efficiency and performance of the machines.

We use two types of welding mechanisms: for smaller wire gauges, we use pneumatic welding system; for bigger wire gauges, we use hydraulic welding system.

Technical specification:

Working specification:

MaterialCold-rolled, cold-drawn uncoated, galvanized wire.
Max. mesh width1,500 [mm]
Line wire spacing≥25 [mm], adjustable
Cross wire spacing.≥25 [mm], steplessly adjustable
Line wire diameterΦ2.5 – Φ3.0 [mm] (off-coil)
Cross wire diameterΦ2.5 – Φ3.0 [mm] (pre-cut)
Max. welding capacityΦ3.0 + Φ3.0 [mm]
Max. welding speed40 – 60 [strokes/min] (cross wire no°/min)
Air consumption≥0.6Mpa, 1.5m3/min
Cooling water consumption≥0.2Mpa, 0.5m3/min
Electronic parts specifications:
Numbers of welding transformer>18
Numbers of electrode36
Power supply voltage380 [V] – 50 [Hz]
Control voltageDC24 [V]
Total installed power18 × 16 [KVA]
Short circuit voltage4 – 8 [V]
Welding current controllingtransistor

Key Features:

  • Welding system is designed for cold-rolled wire or cold-drawn uncoated, galvanized wire.
  • Maximum welding speed 40 – 80 strokes per minute
  • Welding transformers are water cooled and a thermostat monitors over-heating.
  • Change the line wire diameters without replacing straightening rolls.
  • Straightening units for 36 line wires.




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