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Five Head Bender Machine

This machine adopts only up-bending way, it can produce rebar up to 2 meter square, it is different from the old machine downward bending way, the length bar for square is limited by the shaft from the ground.This machine can be cooperative with the straightening machine, can produce the coil rebar into needed bar ,easily solve the problem that old model can only bend the straight bar.

The straightened and cutting bar will fall down to onto the shaft, and both end neat and smooth, it will be easy for the worker to take the bar and to bend , every 5 seconds as a working cycles, the efficiency is very high.

Five Head Bender Machine

Following Shapes


Technical Specification:

Key Features:

  1. Import PLC and touchable screen.
  2. Central soft rebar lock.
  3. High stregnth rail for long life.
  4. Bending & Clamping unit to enhance precision.
  5. Heavy loading shift for the batch material.
  6. More rebars bended in one time.
  7. Large Storage capacity save more than 100 geomatric graphic.




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