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Concrete Cutter

Sona Concrete Cutters pack the power needed to cut deep into tough jobsite materials like concrete cutters are compact, lightweight and built with maneuverability in mind, giving them the versatility that makes them ideal for a wide variety of construction work.

Concrete Cutter Machine is mainly used for cutting depth 7.5 inch, as per our client requirement, Available in Diesel, Petrol and electric Motors.

Hevells Electric Motor

ModelHQR-500 A
Diameter of Saw400-500 mm
Capacity of Water Tank50 Ltr.
Max. Depth Cut(7.5" Inch)
Available in[5-10 HP] Diesel Engine
Petrol Engine/ElectricMotor Weight150 to 170 Kg

Key Features:

  1. Available in Diesel Engine/ Petrol Engine/ Electric Motor.
  2. Enhance performance, Low Maintenance.
  3. Highly durable, cost effective and reliable.




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